Compression Moulding

Compression & Transfer Moulding

Compression moulding is the process of moulding using pressure and heat to form the shape of the required products. The material is accurately weighed and loaded into the heated open mould cavity. The tool is then closed and high pressure is applied forcing the material to flow and fill the cavity detail. The material then cures due to the heat and pressure. Finally the mould is opened and the moulding ejected ready for finishing and inspection.

Components produced by compression moulding benefit from relatively low stress and distortion and enable the manufacture of parts with excellent dimensional accuracy and stability.

Compression Moulding can often prove to be the most economical method of moulding due to reduced wastage and relative simplicity of the process.

We have an extensive range of automatic and semi-automatic compression moulding machines which are duplicated as a minimum and range from 40 tonnes to 860 tonnes with most being equipped with induction heated platens, facilities for hydraulic core pulling. Plus machines with transfer moulding and side ram capability.

In addition to electric tool heating the larger of these machines can also accommodate any tooling requiring oil or other forms of piped heating. All equipment is capable of multi cycle production when required.

Transfer Moulding

Transfer moulding is particularly suited for moulding multi-cavity components often too small or complex to load manually and economically. With this process the material is measured into a separate feeding chamber or pot from which it is transferred under pressure into the closed heated mould tool, where it is held under pressure until cured.

Insert Moulding

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